How to Make Money Using Instagram

How to Make Money Using Instagram

In 2014, I launched my first blog and put all my energy into writing blog posts and building out the website that I forgot all about social media!

It wasn’t until early 2015 when I finally created an Instagram account for GPG.

Fast forward a year later in 2016 and I had built the account to 28,000 followers! Woah, right?

Hitting the 10k milestone was huge for me and gave me a big confidence boost. All of suddent doors started opening up and I was able to get other big accounts like professional golfers to respond to Direct Messages asking for collab opportunities.

Getting shout outs from other large accounts helped further grow my account and gain new followers checking out my website.

I always made sure the link in my Instagram profile bio was pointing to my website or my shop page.

Eventually the sales started pouring in and I had an amazing month where I made nearly $1,700! Most of the purchases came from Instagram followers which made the return on all the time spent building the account to 28k well worth it!

Instagram can be a great tool for sending more traffic to your website and generating more leads.

Watch today’s tutorial of the week on how to use Instagram to grow your business and boost your sales.

Action Steps – Instagram Business Growth

  1. Create an Instagram account for your business
  2. Create an engaging biography that shares what your business is about and intrigues people to learn more about you
  3. Add a link in your profile biography to your website, email capture page, or sales page to drive Instagram traffic back to your business
  4. Only post business related content. Keep personal photos and family photos off this business page unless it truly relates to your business
  5. Use hashtags on every photo to spread your reach to a wider audience not currently following you
  6. Post 3-5 times per day initially to get lots of content out there and fill up your page
  7. Collaborate with other accounts that have similar follower counts and whose audience would actually be interested in your business page/brand

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Work hard today!

Nick of

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